Adventure West 2009

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Date Starting Location Destination Miles Traveled Post Preview
Friday, 4/17/09 Lemont, IL Davenport, IA 163 Our Adventure Begins! ...
Saturday 4/18/09
Davenport, IA Omaha, NE 307 Let there be rain....    
Sunday 4/19/09
Omaha, NE Ogallala, NE 325 Let there be wind....            
Monday 4/20/09
Ogallala,NE Manitou Springs,CO 274 We made it!
Tuesday 4/21/09 Rest Day  --  -- Cog Railroad and Garden of the Gods
Wednesday 4/22/09 Manitou Springs, CO  Pagosa Springs, CO  264  Mountain pass riding 
Thursday 4/23/09 Pagosa Springs, CO Kayenta, AZ  276  Sunny Monument Valley 
Friday 4/24/09 Kayenta, AZ  Tusayan, AZ  178  Made it to the Grand Canyon 
Saturday 4/25/09
Rest Day   --  -- Camping at the Grand Canyon
Sunday 4/26/09 Tusayan, AZ  Sedona, AZ  110  Beautiful new-age tourist town 
Monday 4/27/09 Sedona, AZ Albuquerque, NM  349  Beginning of the loooong journey home 
Tuesday 4/28/09 Albuquerque, NM  Amarillo, TX  290  Don't mess with Texas 
Wed & Thurs 4/29-30 Amarillo, TX  Marshfield, MO... Home!  1034  The last leg