Sunday April, 19 2009

Today we dealt with another element, wind. Left hotel about 7:45 am and drove in a brutal northwest wind  (as we headed straight into it and had it hitting our right side) for about 100 miles. I had ridden in wind before so knew it was going to mean getting beat up and having a kinked neck tonight. New to Kim so she was hating it at times.It was cloudy and about 45 degrees and at 75 m.p.h. (speed limit in Nebraska) it was intense. Throwing my head to the right abruptly, and really leaning the bike over when hitting the wall of wind as we passed tractor-trailers was alot of work. Took a few stops during all this. Hotel didn't have free breakfast, so at 9 am we stopped and ate, added more layers,refueled and warmed up. The final 200 miles gave sun, and wind let up gradually over the next hour. Hit a Subway for lunch at 2pm and checked into Holiday Inn Express in Ogallala, Ne at 3pm.

Today's driving time 4 hrs 37 mins and 325 miles.
Total driving time 11 hrs 35 mins and 787 miles.