Tuesday, April 21 2009

Beautiful day today! Took Cog Railroad up to almost the top of Pikes Peak which is a 14,000 ft summit.  Over the last few days they had gotten over 19ft of snow so we couldn't make it all the way to the top.  At about 12,000 ft, we stopped on the tracks and that was as far as we could go.  We actually saw the work train plowing snow off the tracks. The conductor said sometimes the snow is so heavy they have to use dynamite to blast it away.  We still had amazing views.  It was only about 45 degrees up at that elevation but when we got back down to the bottom it was almost 70 degrees.  After that we headed into Colorado Springs BMW, got an oil change and stopped for lunch.  Then we went back into Manitou Springs (less than 10 mins away) into the Garden of the Gods state park.  Breathtaking, the pictures say it all!  Hanging out with Jeff and Alison tonight and catching up, good dinner and good times with friends, all in all a great day!