Wednesday April 22, 2009

We got on the road the earliest yet this morning, 7:35 am.  I wasn't sure how far we would get today, because this would be the first almost full day of non-expressway, mountain-pass driving. Much slower, tighter turning, less shoulder on the road, more obstacles, and driving through small towns taking alot more focus. It was great anyways!  We had to be careful though because lodging and fuel stops are farther apart on this route. Took 25 south from Manitou to 160 west in Walsenberg. This will take us to  a famous Co motorcycle ride beginning in Durango and heading north. Well see how far we take it because we want to be at Grand Canyon by fri night. Should be ok.  Stopped in Del Norte at a healthy cafe for lunch. Hippie-ish couple own it , great food. Right across the road is an entrance to the only mostly off-road trail in the U.S. that goes from Canada to Mexico. The guy is 56 years old and takes 1st or 2nd place in every motocross race he enters in his age bracket. He said he is beginning to get into trials riding. He just got a 150 lb. trials motorcycle to practice on. If you don't know what this type of riding is, check it out. These guys hop around and throw their motorcycle around like a mountain bike straight up rock walls and on top of boulders with nothing to launch them but the throttle and a small 6 inch rock sometimes. He told us of a place in Pagosa Springs that has lodging/hot spring packages , but warned a bit pricey. Hour later we found it. A little too fancy and pricey so we  just moved on to another Holiday Inn Express. Once again another amazing day!  Riding out west here is a dream come true ever since I bought my first GS 8 years ago and I am extremely lucky and grateful to have Kim enthusiastic about it and enjoying it with me. She's amazing! She has not driven yet. We'll see. Haven't needed help yet.

On our way back from dinner in town, we saw a herd of elk right off the side of the road.  Very cool sight. Also riding today we saw two herds of antelope and a wolf.

Today's driving time 4 hrs 44 mins and 264 miles.
Total driving time 20 hrs 52 mins and 1349 miles.