April 29-30, 2009


This morning, like all others, started with watching the weather forecast.  However, unlike the others, this one was boasting lighting strikes and severe thunderstorms in exactly the direction we were heading, and going to be heading for the next three days. Kevin checked on-line, and we kept an eye on the Weather Channel, but mother nature was set in her ways.  So, to keep ourselves safe and unmiserable, we rented a Budget truck for the remainder of the 1,000 miles home.  That was a little adventure in and of itself, as Kevin psyched himself up for the drive up the narrow ramp into the truck.  No problems though.  So, we set off out of Texas, Kevin drove the first 100 miles, then me the next 350, then him again, and we ended up in Marshfield, MO.  I was glad I was finally able to help drive!  As it turned out, almost all of the roads we drove on were wet and we were constantly driving towards dark cloudy skies, but the storm always seemed to be ahead of us and we only drove through a little rain.  But, I think if we hadn’t spent the extra hour and a half getting the truck, we probably would have been driving with the rain that whole time.  Funny how things work out sometimes.  WIth the truck, we’re able to make it home in two days as opposed to three on the bike, so we’ll be home Thursday night.  

Today's driving time, around 7.5 hours and 563 miles.
Total motorcycle driving time 40 hours 33 minutes and 2600 miles.
Total trip miles: 3,163


Today is the last official day of the trip, and I’m writing this now from the passenger seat of the truck, about 75 miles away from home.  It was a pretty uneventful day, there was some reminiscing and some gearing up for the transition back to reality.  All good things must come to an end.  Loved the trip and thanks for taking it with us.

Today's driving time, around 6.5 hours and 471 miles.
Total motorcycle driving time 40 hours 33 minutes and 2600 miles.
Total trip miles: 3,634