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Kim's Ride Chicago Lessons 3/28 & 3/29 2009

After being the passenger for 3 years and with our big trip approaching, I wanted to give riding a try for myself. Ride Chicago has been a great experience so far. Saturday morning was cold, only about 35 degrees out, but I came as well prepared as I could - all my gear, long underwear underneath that, battery powered heated socks, hand warmers and a face hood under my helmet. I actually stayed pretty warm. The class is setup really well, they start you off slow and before you know it, you're going straight, stopping properly, then turning, then serving, then going up into 2nd gear, then countersteering. Our whole class was doing really well, and I kept up with all the boys. It was pretty fun to learn so much in one day minus the couple of times I scared myself, but those only lasted for a second and everything was fine. Unknown to me (thank goodness) Kevin came at around 10:30 and watched from a distance and snapped these pics. He said seeing me on the bike for the first time put a big smile on his face! Day two tomorrow, looks like snow... This should be interesting.

Class Sunday morning was canceled because of the snow (phew). Rescheduled for 4/4.

From Ride Chicago Lesson

From Ride Chicago Lesson

From Ride Chicago Lesson

Saturday April 4th 2009

Day 2 of riding lessons...got right back on the bike and felt pretty comfortable.  Practiced swerving, turning, two types of U-turns and going over obstacles (2x4's). Then practiced the state test for an hour.  Going to go back Thursday morning and take the state driving test and if I pass, I'll have my "M" class license.  Jay and Chris from Ride Chicago were great instructors, I really enjoyed taking the class!

Passed the test! Got my motorcycle license!