Monday 4/20/2009

   Well today was great!  Weather perfect , scenery great, and the route quick. We left hotel again a little before 8am. About an hour on the interstate I-80 + I-76 before we got off and took a more direct route to Colorado Springs also let us bypass Denver where there might be traffic to deal with. This route we took on Google Maps came up 100 less miles   but would take an hour longer , I guess because it was only 2 lanes. Well it wasn’t. It was a lot shorter of a ride and there was nobody on this road either. Much nicer scenery through hills and cattle ranches. We even saw a wild antelope. Alot of snow in the ditches leftover from their recent snowstorm. 

    We got to Colorado Springs early so I thought we would stop at their local BMW shop (Jeff sent me info)  and see if they could do an oil change on my bike while we wait. Well I had entered address in the navigator in my phone so when we got to Co Springs we could find it easy but I neglected to notice on their website that they are closed on mondays. Oh well. Took a break and some photos there , then went to Jeff’s house. 

   Wow, the switchback going to Jeff and Alison’s house was something! Had to do a 3 point turn to get up it, even on a bike. Narrow, no shoulder,100 ft drop, and gravel. A little sketchy with Kim on the back, loaded up with gear , and street tires. 

   When they got home from work we talked for a while took a little hike, where they showed us a giant fossil of some type of cactus. Colorado College Geology class actually comes and do a class at the site (about 40 ft from Jeff’s house). About another 200 ft up the canyon  is the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. Its is an actual Pueblo dwelling that they moved from Pueblo to here. Tourist trap now. Its amazing what outdoor hiking and activities within walking distance from his house.

   Went out for Mexican down in the town and Jeff took us around a bit and we drove through Garden of the Gods (dark out) so we will do again in the day tomorrow on the bike.

Today's driving time 4 hrs 33 mins and 275 miles.
Total driving time 16 hrs 08 mins and 1062 miles.