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    Another trip out west this year. Our house sitters are found so I'm leaving on April 3rd for 4 weeks. Kim's taking 2 weeks vacation so I am trailering both bikes to Co, where I'll park truck and trailer. I'll pick Kim up at Denver airport on April 9th. We will ride for 2 weeks heading first to Utah (Moab area, where I know nice weather is a sure thing) where well camp and ride the area. Then we'll just watch weather and plan from there. Would like to do NV,CA, and OR before heading back to Denver for her flight back. If weather's nice the week before and after Kim flies out I can do a 2-3 day ride, if not I'll snowboard or find something to do. Shouldn't be a problem. 
    The chicago weather has cooperated to get a couple rides in this year to test her heated grips, new gear, adjust Starcom, and bike-to-bike set up (allows us to communicate easily from bike-to-bike). Works great! We're ready and with another bike this year and 2 extra side cases to store gear, packing will be much easier (won't have to do laundry as much)!
    Trailering isn't my first choice but the most economical  and practical way to get her bike out there (close to $1000 to have her bike shipped there and back). It will give her close to a weeks worth more riding time as opposed to taking 3 or 4 days each way there and back.

Found a trailer on craigslist.  Both bikes fit minus one case.