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April 20,2012

Woke up today to clear blue skies and perfect temps for riding in full gear. Julio (coordinator for Peru Motorcycle Tours) met us at hotel at 9, where we grabbed a taxi to a gas station where bikes already were parked to fill up with fuel. Very very expensive here.  12 or 14 soles per liter. 2.6 soles to one US dollar.  The gas station was also o
At the outskirts of town where we immediately took a rode up to Sacsayhuaman area where we visited another archeological site called Pukapukara. This is area is a magnetic site from Inca times where earthquakes kind of resonated I guess on this spot. Guide pointed out a seismograph that recent scientist mounted across from this site. 
Confirming the accuracy of this Inca chosen location as legitimate. It is absolutely amazing the works of these people from 1400 to 1500s.
After that we rode into the Sacred Valley which was indescribable. Mountains are one thing but mountain after mountain so green covered with agricultural terraces of different colors (based on what was planted) is amazing to see. Again, seeing it and experiencing it on a bike is a whole other thing. 
Stopped at an animal sanctuary where we saw confiscated and injured animals. Went into a condor pen, I guess the biggest condors in the world, ten foot wingspan. Saw some mountain lions who were injured by farmers in a village who threw rocks at one who was killing  his sheep. Macaws, llama, alpaca,some type of small almost instinct deer, some wild cat and I don't know how describe this other thing. Some type of big headed rodent thing.
 Left there and continued through sacred valley where we turned off to go up mountain to a church of Sr. Huancayo, very important Peruvian. Our guides Angelo's english  was minimal so explaining this mans works would be too much for him. The views from this church were awesome too! If I went on and on about all these views it would seem Like I was exaggerating. Just like the pics, they don't do justice.
From there To the edge of Cusco for lunch , Chiharonnes. Pork with that big kernel yellow corn, and potatoes. 
Then back out of cusco to a lake for some pics and then to a architectural site translated Big Window. A type of a look out post for I guess Spanish or other tribes.
Then headed back to what they didn't warn us of even though Kim asked multiple times. Riding through Cusco traffic into the center of town. Angelo did the best he could though. Going slow all the way and taking an alternate route at one point also. Kim. Did real good as I kept riding up next to her and asking her how she was doing. She said actually "Im ok", over and over. Angelo led with Kim in the middle and me in back. I would try to keep on the traffic side behind her to make cars ride well around. Lane lines here are really something to obey temporarily, no joke. Cars split lanes here like motorcycles are allowed out west in the US.
We rode through the Plaza de Armos which was pretty cool. Angelo led through the roundabout very well. He's a great moto tour guide and he will also be my guide tomorrow off road. We got to their motorcycle garage where Julio was and he took taxi with us back to our hotel. 
Dinner at an ALL organic restaurant called Greens. Delicious!
Back to hotel for the day. Kim was very hesitant to go through with tour after seeing traffic in Lima and Juliaca and kept warning me of her backing out. I told her it was a tourist based tour and it wouldn't be traffic like that. After going through with it she was soo glad to have completed and enjoyed it! Not to mention safely and never dropped her bike even though there was gravel at our stops here and there. Great job Kim you're a trooper!