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Finally got to sleep in, didn't leave Cusco until 10am. Caught our flight to the heart of the Amazon Rainforest! Arrived in Puerto Maldonado in the rain, and went in a 1966 Ford truck of some sort to the lodge's check in point down the street, which has a butterfly house! Rain already stopped. Drove through town, then took a 45 minute boat ride up the Madre De Dios (Mother of God) River, which is a tributary of the Amazon. 

We stayed at the Inkaterra Reserva Amazonia, which is an Eco-lodge that neutralizes its carbon footprint by planting trees and giving back to the community. All guests have their own cabanas which were so cool!  Built out of wood with thatch roofs, hammocks, mosquito net over the bed for nighttime and they turn out the electricity for a few hours each day. Lots of windows, ours overlooked the river, they light lanterns for you at night, very tranquil. 

 After we arrived, we had a late lunch, settled in, then did a night river tour. We saw some birds and baby caymans, which are similar to an alligator, but not aggressive. Since the lodge is in the jungle, all meals are included, and lunch & dinner included appetizers and deserts, yummy food, and good thing we worked it off! All the tours were also included, so we talked with our guide and got those scheduled for the next two days.