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April 28 2013 - Arrived in Moab! Camped along the Colorado River

Kevkor's April 28 2013 album on Photobucket

We decided to do vacation a little different this year - one location - Moab, UT. And…. we're bringing Roxie!

We hit the road around 7:15am Saturday, April 27th. Kevin and I switched off driving every 3 hours and we stopped for breaks to toss the frisbee around with Roxie. She was amazingly good, no barking or whining. We slept for a few hours at a rest area before Denver. Eight more hours to go in the morning, scenic driving through the Rockies, little shopping and lunch in Grand Junction, CO, then into Moab. We don't have the cabin until Monday at 4pm, so for Sunday night, we camped along the Colorado River. Same campsite we had 3 years ago, special! Since we couldn't really leave the truck, trailer, dirt bike, bicycles and all our stuff anywhere remote, we killed time by walking around town, going to the visitor center and grabbing a quick dinner at Denny's cause it was the only place we could park all that stuff and still see Roxie. Then back to the camp site for a fire and an early evening. Beautiful weather during the day (not too hot) and night (not too cold).