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April 29 2013

Kevkor's Moab 2013 album on Photobucket

Packed up camp and went into town to have breakfast at an old stomping ground for Kevin in his off road days, Moab Diner.  We decided to drive up to the cabin to check it out early, even though we couldn't go in yet. It's about 20 minutes from the center of town, up a fairly steep road called La Sal Loop Road.  Very remote and higher elevation, we gained about 2,000 feet and are now at about 6,800 feet.  Above us, the La Sal mountain tops still have snow.  We passed several people riding their bikes up this road and I just couldn't believe it.  Anyway, we make it to the cabin and it's just perfect.  Beautiful location, lovely cabin.  We decided to leave the trailer there, and head back down to a turn off we saw for Ken's Lake.  What a nice surprise that was…. It's just a little lake, but with a lot of shallow water, which is perfect for Roxie, our dog who loves water, but not swimming.  After that, more killing time, little shopping, big grocery run, lunch, then finally up to the cabin for real!  We met Beth, the owner, as we arrived, which was nice.  The cabin is great - 2 bedrooms, all rustic log walls, full kitchen, wrap around porch, fire pit, grill and a great 2nd story balcony.  

After unpacking all our stuff, Kevin wanted to get a little taste of the off roading.  We went further up the La Sal Loop road and turned onto Geyser Pass Rd.  It was pretty, white bark Aspen trees and snow on the ground even though it was 60 degrees, but nothing challenging, just a gravel road, so the off roading skills will have to wait another day.  On the way back, saw lots of deer and a bear!!!  Then watched a group of deer grow from about 5 to 20 and graze in the front lawn.  Finally showers (yay!) then bed.  Off to a great start.