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April 30 2013 - Bar M Ride and Mini-Off-Road

Kevkor's April 30 2013 album on Photobucket

Perfect bike riding weather day, cloudy and not too hot.  After breakfast, left Roxie at the cabin and headed to a trail head area called 'Bar M'.  There's about 8 mountain bike trails here, from what they call easy (I-Kim considered moderate) to difficult & very technical (aka, I'm not going near those).  We started on a medium level trail called Lazy EZ (don't let the name fool ya!) and Kevin of course has no troubles, but I had to stop here and there through tight rocky turns and up some inclines and fought to overcome my nerves.  Then we broke off onto another trail called Bar M Loop, which is labeled easy, but it's still nothing like we have at home, so it still challenging enough for me, but didn't have my nerves on edge so I was able to enjoy it.  We took in some of the gorgeous views of Arches National Park in the distance, road over some slick rock and I managed to only fall once on a very steep incline because I couldn't make it up and didn't unhook my foot fast enough to stop myself from tipping over.  Only a minor scrape, I dusted off and kept on peddling.  People out here are something else - group of 4 older people passed and the lady told me that one of the guys was 10 months away from his 80th birthday!

Back at the cabin, we had to let Roxie have some fun, so we went back to Ken's lake for about an hour, but it was super windy so not quite as enjoyable as yesterday.  Then Kevin had the itching for some off-roading, so we tried out a little trail in the La Sal Mountains by the cabin.  It was labeled difficult, but really was nothing too bad at all for that old pro.  Got a taste of it, more to come tomorrow.