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May 3 2013

Kevkor's May 3 2013 Pack Creek and Moab Brand MTB Ride album on Photobucket

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Roxie was hurtin' today.  Her poor little paws had too much on the trails the previous day.  She was so pitiful we actually carried her over into the grass to go pottie.  So, rest day for her and some lotion on her paws.

Kevin wanted to get on the KTM so I followed him in the FJ, and we went close to the cabin, down by Pack Creek.  After awhile, it was getting pretty rough (steep inclines, very big rocks) so we turned around and went up to Geyser Pass again.  Chilly up there!

Lunch at the cabin, then we decided to take the mountain bikes out again.  We put them up on the bike rack of the FJ and drove down into Moab, just past 128. We parked there, and started our 12 mile paved route, past Arches National Park, and again, in between the beautiful red rocks.  At the 4 mile mark, the 7% incline starts and doesn't let up for 2 miles.  That's ALOT of uphill, more than either one of us has ever done.  At the top, there was a beginners single track called the Rusty Spur so we gave that a spin.  It was good for me (Kim) because it was not too technical at all, had just a minor challenge and had a nice scenic overlook.  It was also good that it wasn't too hard after all that up hill riding!  We went back the way we came, and that means those 2 miles were now downhill - whoa fast!!  Again, neither one of us has gone that fast for that long before.  I gently squeezed the back brake a few times but I still hit 30 MPH!  Kevin was speeding along at a top speed of 36.9!  That's fast on a bike!!

Taco dinner then we went and watched the sunset from an overlook on La Sal Loop rode.  Roxie seems to be doing better, being careful where she steps, but less limping.