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May 4 2013

Kevkor's May 4 2013 Kane Creek Chicken Corners album on Photobucket

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Saturday May 4th, 2013 - KTM & Side-By-Side

Today was the big off roading day.  We rented a Side-By-Side for me (Kim) so I could go out on the trails with Kevin while he rode his KTM.  We drove into town, me in the truck and Kevin on the KTM, to pick it up at 8am. They gave us some good suggestions of very scenic but not too difficult trails, and boy, they were spot on!  Kane Creek trail is smack dab in the center of town, just down a side street, but you'd never know it was there unless you were looking for it.  The pavement ended quickly and turned into dirt for awhile, then it gets a little twisty, a little rocky and more and more scenic.  We got further into the canyon and the red walls rose up all around us.  It was hard to take it all in while trying to navigate over the rocks and curves, but even the glimpses were break taking.  There were a few other guys on dirt bikes and some Jeeps, but all in all, you're out there on your own in the desert wilderness.  Kane Creek branches off into Chicken Corners, and at the end of that trail, we stopped and had lunch over looking the Colorado River.  It's also the spot where they filmed the famous Thelma & Louise jump.  On the way back, I was leading and managed to make a wrong turn, and we got into a tight spot with bushes and then cut down trees.  When we got out, we went the wrong way again, back in the direction we just came from (it all looks alike!).  Turned around again and finally back on track.  At the very end, back by civilization, campsites, and hikers, we saw a mountain biker getting put into an ambulance.  Gotta be careful out here, hope he's OK.

We went back to the rental place and because we rented the 4 wheeler for 24 hours, we were able to take it back to the cabin.  Kevin put his KTM on the trailer and I drove the 4 wheeler back.  That is, after a frantic search for my drivers license!  I was wearing Kevin's motorcycle pants, and I put my license in what I thought was a pocket, but was really an air vent.  We searched and searched, even back tracking and looking in the parking lot… Finally, Kevin searched for a 3rd time in the pants and found it!!

Back at the cabin, it was Roxie time.  We tried to put her in the back of the Side-By-Side but holy cow did she freak out when Kevin started the engine.  I ended up holding her and we drove down to Ken's lake again.  Her paws must be doing better after 2 days rest cause she was running all over the place.  Dropped her off at the cabin, and we just took the Side-By-Side out for a quick spin on one of the trails right by the cabin (not that we really needed more, but since we had it and all!)  Pasta dinner and early bed.  Gotta bring the Side-By-Side back by 8:30am tomorrow, but not sure what's in store after that.