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May 5 2013

Had to return the Side By Side by 8:30am (and clean it off and fill 'er up). I followed after Kevin in the truck with Roxie.  We spent a little time in town just getting coffee and figuring out what to do next.  We drove over to a little canyon called Moonflower (I believe) on Kane Creek road and spent maybe an hour walking around and letting Roxie run in the stream and sand.  Saw a million caterpillars!  Decided to camp tonight, so we went back to the cabin, had lunch and packed up the camping gear.  We drove up the LaSal loop road and down to Don's Lake area.  The terrain was forest with some remaining snow packs.  Had a feeling it was going to be cold at night and it sure was.  (Didn't do much during the day, just relaxed, played Frisbee with Roxie and took a few little walks around the area.  Dinner worked out well - grilled cheese and soup right outta the can.)  Anyways, my (Kim's) sleeping bag was nice and warm but Kevin needs a warmer one!  It got down to 36 and he was pretty cold even after turning the heater on high.  In the morning, we made coffee and bagels and the sun quickly came out and warmed us up.  Packed up camp and headed back to the cabin.

Kevkor's May 5 2013 Camping LaSal album on Photobucket