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Camping in the Adirondaks, at Moffitt Beach. The entire campground was huge and had probably 200 beautiful sites but it was barely populated so we had our pick of a prime corner site on a woodsy spot on the lake. We setup camp, then went to the store for a few provisions and checked out some restaurants for dinner later. I really wanted to hike, so we went back to camp but almost didn't go because it was getting late. But, we quickly changed and got back on the bikes. Maybe 20 minutes later, while turning around and looking for the trail, what do we see emerging from the woods but a little black bear! So cool. We kept going and were about to give up when we found the trail. We were worried about sunset so we high tailed it up this STEEP rocky trail as fast as we could. The end was insane, so steep, huge boulders, tree trunks and roots all over the place. The view at the top was great, we enjoyed it for about 5 minutes, then back down we went! Yummy dinner at The Inn and a chilly & dark ride back to our site. We had a modest fire going when it started to drizzle so we called it a night. Light rain throughout the night but we stayed dry and snug.