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North Bay

Starting raining about an hour into the ride and didn't let up. We got soaked! Cold and uncomfortable after several hours getting wet. Spent awhile in a diner trying to stall and let the rain pass but it only seemed to come down harder so we bucked up and moved on. Best scenery yet in Canada, lots of trees changing color and passing over rivers and next to lakes, but it was all so hard to see through the rain pounding my face shield. After checking into the hotel we dismantled our bags, our wet clothes and even our camp gear which was in the not so water proof bags (we made quite a mess of that room quickly!) We went to use the hotel dryer and it was broke :( Got a taxi to the dry cleaner, complained to the hotel (I was NOT a happy camper) and ended up getting the room for free because of Hampton Inn's 100% satisfaction guarantee. Dinner at pizza place next store and chatted with the leaders of a kids Alpine ski team who were having charity night.

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