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Upper Michigan

Packed up camp at Chutes in Ottawa, ON, CA then continued on 17 again towards Saulte St. Marie, ON, CA. We thought this would be a nice area to camp for two nights but boy were we wrong. Not much around, not much camping to speak of and the town was more of a city. With our plans busted, we drove around looking for Canada stickers before re-crossing the border back into the US. Crossing was very easy again. After lunch we had to pass over the looooong Mackinac Bridge, that was about 1/3 grated, scary but OK. We ended up at Wilderness State Park in upper Michigan. Got there late and really only had time to setup camp, get firewood, eat, see some of the sunset on the beach of Lake Michigan and make a fire. Didn't get to explore this huge park which has miles and miles of trails and beach. Maybe next time. Good news is that we're ahead of schedule and had great weather.