Slept in finally today with no set plans. Packed up jeep for usual swim/beach activities. Ended up renting a dingy (inflatable boat like a zodiac with console) and hitting some harder to reach more secluded snorkel spots for 2nd half of day. Killed time beforehand by getting drink/appetizer and a little shopping. Saltfish Pate (West Indian) from little shop. Kim had the famous St John 'Painkiller' drink. Boated out to Whistling Cay where it was rough water and a little murky but saw some new fish. 2nd spot was Hawksnest Beach with crystal clear turquoise calm waters. Schools and schools of baitfish here and beautiful coral! Drove around and did some sightseeing around Cruz Bay before returning boat. Had plenty of leftovers at villa so hit Happy Hour before heading back to villa. Kevin had island famous 'Bushwacker' drink. Back to villa for dinner and threw in a quick load of laundry while chillin. Note to all:make sure dryer works before running a load of laundry the night before packing. Dryer had some type of control lock feature which for safety disabled control panel or disabled when needing repair. Found the code to unlock online but didn't work. After leaving some voicemail and email to Villa sales. Searched nearby smaller multi-unit building and found housekeeping/maintenance's area. It was unlocked so we went in, found dryer,unloaded their already dried sheets and was able to get our stuff dry without anyone knowing. Crisis averted. Sleep.

 St John USVI Jan 19 2014