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Adventure West 2010

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Date Starting Location Destination Miles Traveled Drive Time Post Preview
Saturday, 4/3/10 Lemont, IL Windsor, CO 1035 16:44 Uneventful ride out in truck
Monday, 4/5/10 Windsor,CO  Grand Junction, CO  319 5:02 Beat the weather through mountains on I-70
Tuesday 4/6/10
Grand Junction, CO Grand Junction, CO  80  5:02 Off-road and Co Nat Monument 
Wednesday 4/7/2010Grand Junction, CO        Glenwood Springs, CO 91    1:27Glenwood Springs, Waiting for I-70 to thaw
Thursday 4/8/10Glenwood Springs,COWindsor, CO 225 4:30Made it back in time
Friday 4/9/10Rest DayRest Day --- ---Rocky Mountain National Park. Estes Park and Denver Airport 
   ==========   =========== =========== ============  ========= 
Saturday, 4/10/10Windsor, CO Grand Junction, CO  3195:05 Kim's first day riding 
Sunday, 4/11/10Grand Junction, CO Moab, UT  158 3:14 Camping in Moab 
Monday, 4/12/10Moab,UT        Moab,UT     842:26 Arches National Park
Tuesday, 4/13/10Moab, UT Boulder, UT 220 4:40Snow and desert all in one day 
Wednesday, 4/14/10Boulder, UT Zion National Park  173 3:56Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park 
Thursday, 4/15/10
Zion National ParkLas Vegas, NV 170 3:06Vegas Baby
Friday, 4/16/10Las Vegas, NV    Bakersfield, Ca  283 4:38Gareeeeeen!
Saturday, 4/17/10Bakersfield, CA Fresno, CA  217 4:44 Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks 
Sunday, 4/18/10Fresno, CA El Portal, CA  110  2:49 Yosemite and a Bear sighting! 
Monday, 4/19/10 El Portal, CA Reno, NV  307  5:46 Beat the snow 
Tuesday, 4/20/10
Reno,NV        Elko,NV 291 4:30Beat the rain
Wednesday, 4/21/10 Elko, NVPark City, UT  250  3:48 Rainy, cold & upcoming forecast no better 
Thursday, 4/22/10 Park City, UT    Rawlins, WY 273 4:17Snow and sleet 
Friday, 4/23/10Rawlins, WY Laramie, WY  95 1:26
White-out conditions, almost stranded 
Saturday, 4/24/10Laramie,WY    Windsor,CO  We surrender
Sunday, 4/25/10      
  KIM'S TOTAL: 2,950 Miles 54 hours 43 mins 
  KEVIN'S TOTAL:  3,725 Miles 65 hours 42 mins