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Adventure West 2011

 DateStarting Location DestinationMiles Traveled Ride Time  Post Preview
 3/30 - 4/2Lemont, IL Phoenix, AZ    Truck drive out west
 Sunday 4-3A) Phoenix, AZ B) Joshua Tree National Park, CA 2474h 15m  Joshua Tree Camping Night 1
 Monday 4-4Joshua Tree-- ----  Joshua Tree Camping Night 2
 Tuesday 4-5B) Joshua TreeC) Las Vegas, NV 192 3h 49m Doin' it up in Vegas 
 Wednesday 4-6D) Hoover DamE) Las Vegas 75   Hoover Dam & Relaxing Pool Side
 Thursday 4-7E) Las VegasF) Washington, UT 178 4h45m Scenic routes to bypass winds 
 Friday 4-8F) Washington, UT G) Springdale, UT (Zion NP)33 45m Snowy hike in Zion National Park 
 Saturday 4-9G) Zion NPG) Zion NP ---- 2nd day snowy hiking in Zion NP 
 Sunday 4-10G) Zion NP H) Boulder, UT 197 6h7m Very scenic routes on the Grand Escalante Staircase
 Monday 4-11H) Boulder, UT I) Moab, UT 225  4h8mNo pics, but travel was excellent 
 Tuesday 4-12I) Moab, UTJ) Canyonlands & back to I) Moab 114 2h57m Canyonlands, off-roading and a night boat ride on the Colorado River 
Wednesday 4-13 I) Moab, UT K) Tuba City, AZ 243 4h8m Passing by Monument Valley, heading back 
Thursday 4-14 K) Tuba City, AZ L) Phoenix, AZ 238 4h First 'west' trip completed!  Spent a little time with the family, loaded the bikes up on the trailer, and started to head back to Chicago around 4pm.  Another great trip! 
   Total Motorcycle Miles:2,195   

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