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Friday 4-8

Woke up today to rain and snow. No rush to get on the road because we were only going a couple towns over a little closer to Zion National Park where the free shuttles run and there's more around town. Rode through a little altitude where there was plenty of snow on the sides but roads were just wet. Got to hotel, checked in, unloaded and had lunch next door. Put on what ever warm clothes that we brought and jumped on a shuttle to the park. Hit the visitor center and grabbed some rain parkas which were definitely needed. Took another shuttle to the lodge and a trail head to Emerald Pools. Trail we wanted to do was closed due to rain damage so we took another. It ended up being GREAT! Hiked under some waterfalls and up into some snow covered trails which kept a lot of hikers away and made some for great photos. Getting late so we headed back. Jumped off shuttle a stop before our hotel to try a pub crawl. In Utah they have to serve you food if they serve you alcohol. The first stop we made they just brought out chips and salsa. The second and last stop (hardly a crawl, ha?) we had to order an appetizer so we were getting stuffed. Just saw breaking news of Government budget fix so I guess the park wont be closed after all. Another day to hike and hang while we wait for weather to clear because of unseasonable snow forecasted ahead again.