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Monday 4-4-2011

While we were turning in last night, Kevin couldn’t find his motorcycle key.  Luckily, the ever-prepared guy that he is, he had a spare.  What he figured happened, is that he locked the zipper on his tank bag with a padlock, with his keys inside.  In the morning, we packed up camp, headed into town, and stopped at a transmission shop to have the lock cut.  Sure enough, the keys were inside.  On a side note, Saturday morning Kevin went out to the truck and found that he had left the driver side window completely rolled down.  He’s losing it folks, but don’t worry, I’m keeping a close eye on him. 

After breakfast in town, we went back to Joshua Tree NP and drove to the north side, where a majority of the camp sites are located.  We finally saw tons of Joshua Trees and the Jumbo Rocks!  Got a great site at the Jumbo Rocks Camp Grounds, tucked in the rocks.  We did a hike up Ryan Mountain which was 1.4 miles each way and 1,000 ft up in elevation.  The hike up took about 45 minutes and was pretty strenuous, but going down was a cinch.  The view at the top was nice, 360 degree views and multiple mountains in the distance with snow capped peaks.  Had dinner in town and just relaxing at the campsite about to star gaze...

Tuesday 4-5