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Saturday 4-9

Stayed around Zion again today, weather was too extreme to travel through the mountains to our next destination.  Put on the ponchos & warm gear for another snowy hike, today it was snowing even more than yesterday and we had to slosh through some red mud.  Didn't see another person on our entire 2 hour hike, can't imagine why?!  Really it wasn't bad at all though, we enjoyed ourselves.  Saw two deer and a few bright blue birds.  Had lunch at the visitor center cafe, saw 'Sea Rex' at the Imax in 3-D and then warmed up in the hot tub back at the hotel and chatted with a nice couple from England.  Dinner later, but that'll be about it. Off to Boulder, UT (small mountain town) tomorrow, via the Escalante Staircase, will have to check the snow conditions in the morning, but it's supposed to stop snowing and rise back into the mid-50's tomorrow, so we should be OK!