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Thursday 4-7

Packed up at The Venetian and started the ride towards Zion National Park.  We started on a scenic route for about 2 hours, which was very beautiful, then got on I-15.  There were wind advisories with gusts of up to 60 mph, and they weren't lying... The speed limit on the highway was 75 and going that fast with those winds was, well, not fun.  I (Kim) got very scared because you have to lean into the wind as it slams into you and tilts the bike sideways.  When you pass a truck, the wind is temporarily cut off, so you're back upright, but have to get ready to steer into the front of the truck, because as soon as you pass it's engine, the wind is going to hit you.  Also, even being in the right lane, I just didn't feel safe because you're getting blown around and you're also going around curves and hills, so we exited the highway.  I was very relieved and the route we ended up taking was also very scenic and much better than the highway anyways.  So, it's all good, we got to the hotel, but then couldn't really do anything due to the weather.  We got lunch, came back to the hotel, and planned out the next few days.  Unfortunately, there's crappy weather (rain & snow) all around us until Sunday, so we're probably going to have to hunker down until then.  Hopefully we can get in some hiking at Zion tomorrow, even if it means wearing a poncho!