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Truck Trip Out

Truck loaded and ready to go... Left Thursday night, drove through to Friday night, made it over 1,400 miles, stopping at Gallup, NM.  Only 5 hours left to our Phoenix destination tomorrow morning!  Drive was pretty uneventful, expect for two things -  1-The driver side fender, light and license plate holder broke off the trailer somewhere on the I-44 in Oklahoma!  Quick stop at the Auto Parts store and Kevin rigged up a temp taillight.  We already have a new fender ordered, shipping to Phoenix and Kevin's dad is mailing us a temp license plate.  Thanks Dad!  2-Kevin had replaced the serpentine belt at home as preventative maintenance on the truck. It must have not been setting on a pulley right. Heard a noise that didn't sound right and checked it under the hood. Good thing we did. The belt was starting to fray on one side. If it had broken it can break a fan blade then we would be in real trouble. Fortunately he brought the old serpentine belt and put it on. Stopped every so often to make sure it wasn't fraying also. It didn't, but we hit the nearest Toyota dealer and bought another spare for peace of mind. 

Saturday - We made it to Phoenix!  Chatted with the fam (Josh, Nicole & kids, John & Shirley) and went out to dinner.  We had a great night with everyone!  Thanks for the hospitality.

Heading out on the bikes Sunday. Destination still mostly unknown, part of the adventure to figure that out.  More to come then.

Saturday (around Flagstaff, AZ):