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Wednesday 4-6

Today we went to the Hoover Dam... Didn't do the tour, but it was still cool to see from the top.  Drove the scenic route around Lake Mead, then we went to the pawn shop where Pawn Stars is filmed, but no Chumley or any of the other guys were there.  Saw some vintage concert posters from the Filmore West ranging from $1,000 to $1,500, and some expensive swag like a $10 sticker and whatnot.  Lounged in the hot tub and got a drink by the pool.  It wasn't sunny today, so the place was totally empty.  Got dinner in the streets of Venice and lost a bit of money at the casino.  We've included pics of the oh-so-fabulous suite and pool areas!  Looking forward to hittin the road towards Zion National Park bright and early tomorrow morning.