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Devils Lake, WI 7/31/09 - 8/2/09

        This weekend started at 1am friday morning when I got up for work. Worked until seven (1/2 day) and headed home. Kim had the day off so when I got home she was packed and ready to go. We were on the bike by 8:15 am heading to Devil’s Lake State Park in Portage,Wi for some camping. I had checked the website for any scenic roads or routes on the way or up there. Found one that took us about an hour out of the way but was worth it. We arrived to Devil’s Lake about 1pm to a line at the entrance. Pulled up to booth to find out if there were any campsites available. There was 1 and another line inside where we would have to get site. Dropped Kim off while I parked bike. Met her inside and fortunately everyone in line already had reserved sites and we were able to get the last site for the weekend. It actaully ended up being a great site in the wooded area of campground and away from wide open RV sites. So we unpacked , set up tent and drove down to south uncrowded area of park for a hike. DId one that isn’t the most popular for the park but we saw Devil’s Doorway and Balance Rock. Went back to site cleaned up and drove into Wisconsin Dells for dinner. Then it kicked in and I finally started feeling tired (after waking up at 1am, driving 180 miles, hiking, and driving to the Dells about 20 miles away), so we headed back to the site and call it a day. Rained during the night lightly for an hour or two but couldn’t really tell in the morning.

Saturday we woke up at 6am to get to Paul Bunyan’s in the Dells for breakfast. Wanted to get there early because it gets crazy there on the weekend in the summer. Got there right when they opened at 7 to one family waiting to get in. Delicious! Went back to the Park I took a nap on a picnic table while KIm read. Then we got back on the bike and headed to Mt. Horeb, Wi (drove through on the way up) to eat lunch eventually at a place called the Grumpy Troll, some kind of troll theme for the town. Saw some statues around. This city was also having Mustard Fest. The city has a Mustard Museum with over 1000 types of mustard from around the world. Who knows why! Pretty small but was definitely a big thing fro this small town. They had a bunch of mustard related games, and a mustard colored car show. And probably the only Duchess of Mustard from when fest began, walking around. Went back to site cooked dinner (boil in a bag),  built campfire and went to sleep.

Sunday we got up early 5am , packed up and hit the road for an uneventful trip home. Home by 11am. Beautiful weather, cool at night for great tent sleeping, and another great bike trip!