Met the Michigan boys at the Central ADV Rally in Eagle River Wi Sept 2009. Ryan, Bob and George. Had a blast the couple days before the real event really happened. Had to leave early for previous plans made to attend the Indian Summer Celebration in Milwaukee and meet our parents there. Well Ryan decided to put on an Upper MIchigan ADV Rally in Mesick, Mi on June 11,12, and 13th of 2010. My work schedule worked out and Kim and I were able to get the friday off work. Left early fri morning to hit rain about 2 hours into the 5 hour ride. HEAVY RAIN! Definetely the heaviest either of us have ridden in. Stopped at a rest area. We timed this stop perfectly. Rest area attendant was working. She set us up with some dry towels while we sat in our puddles on the floor she had just mopped. She understood. We sat about 45 mins until it let up and the ride was pretty much dry from there. 

Got to campsite and saw the groups site, but nobody around. Set our tent up and took a nap. Still nobody came back so we went for a ride and to grab some food for breakfast next morning. Bumped into a couple guys at a gas station that were up for the rally. Pointed us towards a trail where we could get off pavement and use the Continental TKC’s (knobby tires) that I had put on before trip up. NIce dirt road ride through thick forest,but hot and muggy! Got Kim a little more experience off pavement, took some pics and headed back. Group was back by then. Said hellos, caught up and they cooked (had a trailer and brought a lot of food) while we headed back into town to grab dinner. Turned in early to rest for big riding on Sat. Heavy rain overnight. Stayed dry though in tent. 

Rain had stopped by morning and we cooked some bagels on our camp stove and had some hot tea for breakfast. Had a mix of dirt bikes, big dual sports, and even a Gold WIng. They set up a street ride and a dirt ride for whatever you were comfortably. We did the street ride and I planned to go out with Ryan and George later to do some dirt while Kim stayed back (her choice). Our street run took us up to sleeping bear dunes and some other places I cant recall. Very nice route which Kim and I had actually rode a couple years ago on a trip up to Crystal Mountain Resort with Darren and Kris where I trailered my 95 1100 GS. Roads near were very foggy though and views were limited. Had a great lunch and headed back to camp where Frank finally made it. We must have just missed him in the morning and he spent the day riding alone. Hung out for a while and I got Ryan and George to take me out for a short off-pavement run with the group. I took off tankbag, cases , aired down tires and removed windshield just in case (easy 5 min job and expensive to replace if I fell and broke it) Kim stayed back at camp with the others who weren’t interested in riding dirt. A lot of dirt roads at 50 to 60 m.p.h. and one area with soft soil. I fell coming down into gully but it was the softest soiled tall grassy area you could ever want to fall in. No problem picked it up and went on to see most of the group atop a pretty steep climb. Ground was soft there and there weren’t any rocks or boulders that I could see so off I went. Did plenty of these on a mountain bike so I knew how to hit it but now with plenty of power at hand with the 1200 cc’s and knobby tires, it should be easier. Had quite a few attentive watchers to see me get that behemoth of a bike up there with them. Piece of cake. Frank on his 1200GS right up behind me also no problem. Then the worst part, so focused on the ride and new experience I forgot to start the helmet cam. Didn’t get any of it.Oh well. Headed back to camp from there. Ryan put out a nice spread of Lake Michigan caught salmon, burgers, fries and some cold salads. One of the best campsite meals we’ve had! Had some hard cider that George made and plenty of beer! 

Woke up early to say goodbye’s and hit the road for the long trip home. Left campground road and Kim told me she heard and felt something wrong with the bike. Mike from Canada saw us stopped and lent a hand. We found that sprocket which needed replacing got very bad very quick. Ryan had a very big trailer there and he lives in Kalamazoo. He didn’t hesitate to trailer it to his home for us. We rode home 2 up on my bike (which Kim now being a rider herself, said was very boring). Uneventful ride home to change clothes hook trailer up and immediately head for Kalamazoo. I didn’t have to work until monday night but Kim did early monday morning as usual so I drove alone. No problem. It was pretty easy and uneventful. Got bike home safe, its now fixed and here we are looking forward to see the boys from Michigan again soon.  Thanks again to Ryan for getting her bike 3 hours closer to home! Big help!