Tuesday April 28, 2009

Today we got a late start , I guess due to losing the hour from time zone change. Left hotel at 9 am. Took a break after 100 miles. This New Mexico rest area had these small adobe-like half-huts with a picnic table all spread around the area that you can drive right up to. Pretty nice! Noticed some cattle on the move behind ours and was able to mock them and get their attention for a bit. Funny. Another 100 miles later stopped for lunch at this crappy gas station in San Jon, NM. I don't know why I was intrigued by it, but I was and I ordered the sausage on a stick. It was as miserable as it sounds. Wasn't hard to see we were out there by the customers walking in. Got the hell out of there for a final 90 miles to Armarillo, TX and a Holiday Inn. I got Kim to agree that we have to go to The Big Texan right down the road for the experience. ( Famous Texas Steakhouse) After all they offered a free shuttle to restaurant from nearby Hotels in a big Limo with Longhorns mounted on the hood. NIce old driver with a big cowboy hat and a real texas draw. When we got in the restaurant there was a guy up at this table on a stage all lit up with a timer behind. He was attempting to eat the 72 oz. Big Texan steak ( with sides) in 60 mins or less to receive free ($72 if he failed). He failed and had to do the walk of shame to booth where rest of his party was then we saw him slouched over in a food coma. We both got mini 6 oz filets. Delicious! As we walked out Kim noticed Kevin James (Doug Heffernan from King of Queens) coming in with a bunch of guys. I said " Hey Kevin" , he said " Hey dude whats going on" just like he would on the show and he kept walking. Exciting! First half of today was sunny and about 70 degrees and as we got east it dropped a bit to 60's and became real cloudy. Even had about 2 mins of misty rain. We've really dodged some bullets with this weather. Serious stuff nearby ,so we'll see if we can keep trend up tomorrow. Have a day to spare so if we do, we'll stop for a day. Oklahoma tomorrow.

Today's driving time 4 hours 09 minutes and 290 miles.

Total driving time 40 hours 33 minutes and 2600 miles.