Saturday, April 10, 2010

I made it! I arrived at the Denver airport yesterday at 6pm. Kevin picked me up, we went to Scott, TJ & Kemper’s in Windsor, CO and went out to dinner... Kemper is such a cutie!! Thanks again Scott & TJ for having us, it was great catching up with you guys.

We headed out at 8am this morning, my first day riding in Colorado! Started with my heated jacket and gloves on, as we were heading into and over the Rocky Mountains. What a beautiful drive - through the valleys and around the endless curves of the mountains - some bare, some covered in trees, some spotted with snow, some rocky. We went through the classic ski resort towns - Breckinridge, Vale, Steamboat, Keystone, you name it. Our highest elevation was about 11,200 feet, and it warmed as we passed the mountains and got lower, ending at around 4,500 or so.

I was a little nervous starting out, and going though some of the mountain passes, but never enough to stop or second guess myself. It was such a beautiful day; I’ve never driven through these types of mountains before, so I really enjoyed it. Total of about 300 miles, looking forward to a shorter ride tomorrow, into Moab, UT, where we’ll be camping for two nights!

-- Kim