Monday, April 12, 2010

Windy one last night but great temperature, maybe got down to 50 degrees. Woke up and made some oatmeal, burnt bagel and tea (taken from free breakfast spread at hotel the night before). Couldn't get a cell phone digital signal at campsite to tether to laptop and check weather so we had to go into town to a coffee shop and use wifi there. Some weather was supposedly coming in so we weren't sure about camping another night. Paid the $12 for our site another night anyways to leave our stuff there at least. Weather showed high winds and rain tonight and all tomorrow. Don't want to pack away a wet tent so we reserved a room over internet. Left our stuff at already paid for site, and headed to Arches National Park. Little windy and cloudy today (pics could have been better with sun lighting up red rock) but because it was monday, it wasn't crowded and parking at all the look-outs was easy. Map showed a rough road at the end of drive so I tackled it and Kim stayed at end of pavement while I checked it out. Freshly graded, but a bit washboarded so I called her down(fortunately we were still in range for the FRS radios). I couldn't believe it when she said "OK I'm coming!" What a sight seeing her coming downhill around the corner of this red rock formation, standing like a pro! She's unbelievable! So she caught up and we continued down road until it turned to red sand. So we swapped the video camera to my helmet, took some pics and headed back to campsite to pack up camp. I knew we should have just did it in the morning when we got room. By now wind was very strong and it was blowing red dust like being sand-blasted. Not easy to pack up a tent in, but we managed and went to room. Unloaded, showered our red dusted bodies, greasy helmet heads and walked around the corner for mexican food. Now post and pic uploading time. Gonna decide tomorrows plans on weather check in the morning. Forecast changes day to day.