Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pretty uneventful day of riding except for a coyote crossing highway in front of Kim about 10 yards ahead. I saw it far enough back to call it out to her over intercom. It crossed safely without her having to hit brakes very hard. Kim had been to Vegas for a day before, but it was my first time here. Wow it is something else! Took a cab to strip and walked about a third of it (all the bridge walkways and escalators to cross streets along the way was crazy). Saw Bellagio fountain show and tried to see some pirate ship show outside of Treasure Island but too crowded. Saw Cap'n Jack Sparrow (wasn't Johnny Depp), 3 Elvis', a gold statue guy standing perfectly still, and some manwhore guy who people were taking provocative poses with. Took a cab back and called it a day. I don't enjoy gambling so what I saw was plenty. California and hopefully some different scenery tomorrow.

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