Friday, April 16, 2010

Today was a big mile day for us, 280. The most since Kim's first day to Grand Junction. Wasn't too bad. Got over 120 in before our first stop so that helped. Nice 70 degree temps all day until we passed Mojave, CA and some altitude. WOW was it windy and cold. Must have dropped 15 degrees in 5 mins. Had to pull over and put liners in our jackets. Needed them for about 15 more minutes before we dropped in altitude again and it warmed up considerably .SWEATIN! I guess we passed through orange plantations, smelled great. We can finally smell flowers also. Rolling hills of green as far as we can see. Absolutely beautiful! Kim was right in saying "Its like were in Ireland or Scotland now". My first time in CA other than LA airport. So far so good, I know Sequoia National Forest tomorrow should be even better.No pics or video today because by the time there was anything to shoot we were almost at hotel in Bakersfield. Kim lost a glove the other day. I saw something that I thought she just ran over but later found out it was her missing glove falling out of tankbag. Went to a motorcycle shop right down the street here today and got a replacement. All set.

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