Monday, April 19, 2010

Storm coming in tuesday that was forecasting snow at Donner Pass(our way back to Windsor, Co on I-80 just east of Reno,NV) that would strand us. Although we are leaving an extra day to make it back due to weather or any problems, we don't want to use it so soon. 300 miles to do today but were still in Yosemite and 1 mountain mile is way more work than 1 highway mile and we've got a lot of mountain miles to do today. Incredible ride out but took a while to get anywhere, so many twists and turns. Once we got to highway (99 north to Sacramanto, where we'd get I-80) we made good time. We left Yosemite before 7am, grabbed breakfast a couple hours in, and were to Sacramento by 1:30 and Reno by 3:15. Whew made it again! Now 2 days of rain forecasted at this elevation. Starting in Reno here tues afternoon. Gonna have to get another early start to get about 300 miles away to Elko, NV. Rain ok, snow bad.