Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kind of a weird day today. Woke up to it snowing in Park City, UT. As we were loading bikes it started to get real heavy. Kim's faceshield on her helmet was collecting snow pretty bad (she has a shorter windshield than me), but we made it through ok. We pulled at an exit about 60 miles in because Kim's heated gloves weren't working. When I stopped to look at them a guy pulled up and warned us that just ahead is some sister mountains and theres 3 cars flipped over because of sleet and ice on road. Whew! Things just worked out for us again. Where we had stopped was also a truck stop. We sat there a while and waited for reports from truckers coming in from the east. I also bought a circuit tester to see if there was power at the leads of her heated jacket, where gloves connected. Power good. Gloves got soaked yesterday so maybe that did something to them. After about an hour, sun came out where we were so we got back on the road. All we hit was heavy sleet. No accumulation, so no worries. After a while temps rose to about 60 degrees so Kim's hands weren't too cold. Got to about 20 miles from Rawlins, WY where we were stopping for the day and pulled off I-80. There was a pretty remote exit that just led to nothing but some curious cows. Had to cross a cattle gate and rode out into the nowhere and took some pics before things got populated again tomorrow when we get to Windsor, Co. Getting near to the end of riding.