Saturday, April 24, 2010

Well we tried our best. Its 9 am and snow has just stopped. Cars in parking lot here are having trouble getting out of spots and I-80 is closed from Rawlins (where we started yesterday) to east of here. Another more direct route to Ft Collins is 287, which is also closed right now. We are currently stranded. On a good note, ice-crusted bikes started right up, I started them before I went to bed last night. Didn't notice that the little flap that keeps moisture out of ignition keyhole stuck open last night and both were frozen this morning. A little jiggling and they turned. Even if it did warm up a bit later and when roads open, winds would blow snow on roads making it too dangerous on bikes anyways. Also, Kim's flight out of Denver tomorrow is in the morning. So today is it and the decision is made. We threw in the towel and called Scott who is packing trailer up to come get us. 100 miles away, so couple hours as long as roads open by the time he gets here. Nothing more to worry about. Another trip unfinished on bikes but again and more important safely. Scott made it OK and by then sun was out and warmed up nicely (hard to believe these pics are all from the same day). I didn't notice a flat on the trailer, of course until I got one bike strapped on. Not much room underneath but I got spare out ok. Nice worry-free ride home. Would have actually been ok to ride bikes back but we wouldn't have waited until 2 to leave hotel. At the time we would have left they might have still been icy. Oh well. Got back to Scott and TJ's house and packed my truck as we unloaded Scott's. Kemper was all smiles when we got back and had plenty of questions. She's a little angel!