Tuesday 4/6/10

For a day that I thought was going to be spent in the room because of snow, it was great! Snow on I-70 behind me and snow at high altitude ahead of me but just cloudy, very windy, and about 50 degrees here. Got on bike to check out an off-road area I saw on my way into Grand Junction yesterday. The exit I got off to get there was also the exit for the Bureau of Land Management, so I went in and asked about it. Very helpful and met an ADVer (DakarDoxy). She works there and came out after I left and asked what I'm looking to do today. She pointed me to the area I saw and explained everything. Had a good time there. Wide open and dry with millions of trails. My Laminar Lip (windshield extension) fell off though. No damage, just pulled stick-on velcro tabs off the windshield. After riding there I hit a BMW/Harley Davidson Dealer down the street to check it out and grab a T-shirt. Then I went to HomeDepot to get new velcro to put Laminar Lip back on. When I was about to leave a guy approached me. He saw my post on ADVrider.com (worldwide forum for mainly dual-sport and dirt motorcycles). I posted on the Rockies section of the forum to ask advice or info on the route I was planning to do this week. He pointed me to Colorado National Monument which was right down the street. Hit Subway, then headed back to room to pull fix windshield. I had to pull it and put in room to get velcro to stick, too cold out for glue on velcro tabs to set properly (hence the pics and video of a windshieldless GSA). Ride was absolutely awesome! Back to room to upload and edit video. G'night. Going to try ride to Million Dollar Highway tomorrow.