Friday 4/9/10

Woke up today and packed the bikes and gassed Kim’s up. Left my bike behind for the truck today. Headed to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Beautiful twisty turning roads in. Sun was shining all day and temps were 70 low alt and 45 high alt. Made for nice pics, but forgot the tripod so I couldn’t get myself in any unless I held it. Was hoping to see some elk but no go. Probably better chance in early morning and evening. I was there in early afternoon. Started to head towards Denver about 1pm and took 72 south. Very twisty road with little traffic. Hadn’t eaten lunch yet and wasn’t really anything around until I came to Nederlands, Co. Little mountain town with hippies all around and everyone had dreadlocks or a long beard (women had beards from their armpits). Only local place I could see to eat was called Twisties, I think? Bunch of hippies with dogs on the porch where I entered the place. Nice inside. I sat at the bar and there was a stack of local newspapers and brochures sitting there so I grabbed a couple while I waited for food. First, this local small ad book was loaded with ads for places that sold medical marijuana.These ads didn’t look anything like a pharmacy or some official medical office. They were ads loaded with tie-dye colors and Grateful Dead type dancing bears all over it. I had seen on the local news that this was definitely around, legal in Colorado, and apparently to grow also(with the right prescription). Funny to see ads with actual pics of it and about 20 different grades and types. The names weren’t any medical hard to pronounce names either like you would see on a prescription bottle. They were just like you would hear on the streets, Hawaiian Gold, Kush and Skunk. Unbelievable! Second, I flipped through the local newspaper and there was an article that they just voted something like 259 to 219 to legalize marijuana in this city (Nederlands). They did state that its really just for show and to make a voice made because state and national laws overrule theirs. I ate and left without really seeing anyone smoking or smelling it. Sitting here in baggage claim waiting for Kim and to head back to Windsor to go out for dinner tonight with our awesome hosts Scott, TJ and Kemper (Scotts birthday sunday). Trip really begins tomorrow. Hope to make it to Grand Junction again for saturday night but could just as easily stop in Glenwood Springs. I'll attach pics tomorrow night.