Monday April 5,2010

Got to Windsor yesterday and caught up with Scott,TJ and Kemper. Was able to shower and get ready for this morning. Weather forecasted monday ok but snow showers coming tues and maybe wed. I guess possible 16 inches forecasted for Vail, which I'd have to drive through on I-70 to get to Million Dollar Highway Ride which I wanted to do. The ride we by-passed last year to get to Grand Canyon in out trip. Got on the road by 8 this morning and had to stop in Boulder at an Apple Store (forgot my laptop charger, which is ok because I wanted another one anyways). Roads fortunately were dry on I-70. I was watching traffic coming east very closely for wipers on and signs of snow on vehicles (I was a little concerned because I didn't see one motorcycle on the road through mountains). If I did see signs of snow, I'd have to get off the road to nearest hotel asap cuz it comes in very quick and very heavy at that altitude 10 or 11 thousand ft. It all worked out, nothing but cold temps up high and very gusty winds. Made it to Grand Junction by 3. 5 hours driving and 319 miles. Good day. I'll just have to see the what weather comes in tonight. A couple people on mountain bikes towards the end of this video looking at a herd of bighorn sheep.