Wednesday 4/7/2010

Woke up today hearing of snow now in Denver. Had me concerned about getting over mountains tomorrow. Webcams showed Vail still snowy and un-passable by motorcycle and Eisenhower really nasty. So instead of heading 100 miles to and back from Ouray, which was also more than likely unpassable for me, I started heading towards towards Denver. Got to Rife where I pulled out laptop and checked CDOT website to see road conditions ahead and if I could get at least to Glenwood Springs. It showed dry to there but slushy from Glenwood Springs to Eagle. So I stopped there for the day and got a room. Went back out for a ride because here (Glenwood Springs) it was sunny and close to 50 degrees. Saw a sign that said Maclure Pass Open. Headed there. Nice ride, got some pics, and some more video. Got a notification email on cell that an ADVer replied to a post I made. He said he just rode to Avon from Vail and it was dry so tomorrow I'll definitely be good to cross. Getting a lot of help and info from these guys. Great site!